Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake: The REAL Cause!

They say there's one born every minute: flakes, wackos, fruitloops, nutters...
Fresh on the web, a site claiming Christchurch mayor Bob Parker engineered last Saturday's earthquake! The site's full of outlandish conspiracy theories and complex, pseudo-scientific mathematical equations. The mystery author writes:
"This blog has been established to counter the disinformation spread by fascist mainstream New Zealand media, and provide irrefutable and conclusive evidence that former 'This Is Your Life' host Bob Parker has generated destructive tectonic plate shifts, via psychic mind waves broadcast from public sculpture."

The website claims Mayor Parker is actually "reptilian". Supposedly he's invested heavily in the "Jew-run chimney industry": several chimneys are known to have collapsed in the quake. Other reptilians named include celebrity cook Alison Holst, gold-medal-winning rowers the Evers-Swindell twins, singers Ray Columbus, Rikki Morris and James Reid of The Feelers, as well as the trumpet player from Supergroove.
And Prime Minister John Key is actually a "holographic construct", the proof being that we never see the lower half of his body.
Hmmm, some people have way too much spare time on their hands!!!

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Cameron said...

I had a close look at this website and i reckon the author is NOT a looney at all! When I consider the person's skill in crafting all the images and how quickly this was put together after the quake, I'd say this is a perfectly sane person, skilled in web design, who's having a good laugh!