Friday, July 9, 2010

Cargo Sheds: ANOTHER Change Of Mind!

The pipe dream...Auckland Regional Council (ARC) has now backtracked, and voted unanimously to keep and revamp one of the two old cargo sheds on Queens Wharf, for *yawn* Rugby World Cup's "Party Central".
It had previously supported Government-led plans to demolish the sheds and build an entirely new cruise ship terminal and space for World Cup fans to gather in. Instead, it now says Shed 10 will be overhauled to become both the official fan zone and also a cruise ship terminal. Only the smaller of the two sheds will be demolished and relocated.
...the reality!Strange: the ARC is on record as regarding the sheds as 'old and cheap and nasty' - now it accords them heritage value after the Historic Places Trust weighed into the fight. This is the third time this year the ARC's approved a "final" redevelopment plan for the wharf!
Whatever happens with the sheds, the government is adamant "Party Central" WILL go ahead in some form or other. Prime Minister John Key says the government is not ruling out moving "Party Central" somewhere else entirely, as it would probably ultimately be cheaper: "We've never been a great supporter of keeping those sheds there and we don't think they have any great particular beauty."
The restoration of the shed is estimated to cost about $7 million more than the $9.6 million proposed for the temporary structure. And I'll bet this wasn't included in the Cup's expected $40 million budget "blow-out" that I mentioned in August 2009!! The clock is ticking...very loudly.
[see also my earlier post about the sheds on 03 July 2010]
PS: 03 Feb.2011 - ...and they still haven't started "Party Central" yet!

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