Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Art For Car's Sake?

James Ford: demolition man or rip-off artist?How does a crappy car become a piece of art?
When a private trust funds a guy to smash his own vehicle!
Let me explain: Wellington graphic artist James Ford bought a Nissan Primera for $2000 on TradeMe. Warning lights flash instantly: (1) a Nissan??!! (2) he bought it on-line??!! Caveat emptor...buyer beware!
Turns out the car was a dog, a lemon, a piece of crap that's broken down three times since its purchase in April. Frustrated, James decided to demolish said vehicle, but has cunningly recouped his purchase price by turning it into a 'public-participation' demolition, calling it "art"...and somehow scoring a $2000 grant from a private trust!
Now: for whatever personal reason, if something is rotting your soul and you wish to vent your spleen, you too can register to enjoy a minute of sledgehammer action on James' crappy Primera, in Wellington on Saturday 17 July.
Questions: is this private trust a group of totally blind, easily suckered stupid morons with too much money on its hands? At least there's no fee to view, or take part in, the demolition...but James is hoping to sell the wrecked "art piece" afterwards. Then will the proceeds go back to the foolish trust concerned, maybe to a charity... or (probably) into Mr.Ford's back pocket?
So is James Ford really nothing but a pissed-off rip-off artist?
PS: 17 July 2010 - ...and here's what happened...

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