Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Price of Admission

I was alerted recently to this clip of Dan Savage (American sex advice columnist and author), answering a question in a seminar about expectations and "deal-breakers" in a relationship.
His opinion is that what the other person in your long-term relationship does/doesn't do are not "deal-breakers", but rather the price of admission to that relationship.

Dan Savage has a witty way of making his points. He believes that relationships suffer - even though the participants have accepted "the price of admission" - when that price changes or when those participants are no longer willing to pay the price. The thrill of the ride is no longer worth the price agreed to. Perhaps the ride itself has changed. Or as Dan put it so well, the parties are not living up to the lie, not striving to achieve the facade that they sold to their partner in the beginning.
An interesting analogy: one worthy of discussion and thought, especially for those seeking the "lie" of The One, or those who have their ticket and are already on the ride.
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