Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oscars Again...*yawn*

Fred Oscar esquireThis weekend: the endless speeches, pathetic acknowledgements of every man and his auntie, dramatic tears of fake shock and awe...
the dishing-out of the 82nd.Oscar Awards... *drumroll*a hush falls over the Kodak Theatre*
The nominees are...well, here's the complete list...
Don't eat blue M&Ms!
Don't eat blue M&Ms!
Ouch, that locker hurt!The one everyone's eyeing is the intriguing 'Best Director' tussle between James Cameron (for sci-fi mega-mix Avatar) and his ex- Kathryn Bigelow (for bomb-disposal war film The Hurt Locker) those films are in the home straight for 'Best Picture' too. Both have their strong points and weaknesses: I've already posted about Avatar...stunning visuals but underwhelming storyline.
I downloaded The Hurt Locker last week (not yet released here in NZ) and y'know, it annoyed me! I'll give Bigelow high marks for tension-building but, in terms of authenticity, if the central character was under my command and behaving so recklessly, I'd have his butt in the slammer! And yet I read the character is based on one particular serving soldier – I won't be proud, if I was him! Having clocked up some years in The Green Machine myself (3rd.generation military), I know the army would never allow someone to run amok like that.
Ok, it's only a movie – yet Bigelow is being praised for her accuracy and attention to detail. So in terms of cinematography, top marks (and deserving of its awards so far) but I feel she's way off-target in the character portrayal stakes.
Find this man a razor, please!As for the actor himself (Jeremy Renner) getting 'Best Actor'? Nup, nup, nup. That'll surely go to Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart. And the award for Best Picture goes to... *envelope please* screams* cheers* applause* astonishment* "I never dreamed"etc etc* ...and cut to commercials...

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