Friday, January 1, 2010

24: More Plot Details!

Achtung! Zes ees MY U-boat, Bauer!Meet 24’s new bad guy: German actor Jürgen Prochnow will terrorise New York City as JACK BAUER’s latest nemesis, BAZHAEV. He played the German U-boat commander of 1981’s excellent Das Boot. Bazhaev heads up an Eastern European organised crime syndicate that's part of the action - he’s essentially a Russian Godfather. Sound like Jack'll have his hands full!
Another day, another crisis, another husband...Someone whose hand is not full is President ALLISON TAYLOR: now divorced from husband Henry at the start of the new season. Apparently, The First Gentleman couldn’t forgive President Taylor for locking up their corrupt daughter in last season’s finale.
Shall I shoot first, and ask questions later?FBI agent RENEE WALKER had her conscience shredded in Season 7: things're no smoother for her in Season 8. She comes back pretty damaged, definitely darker and with "baggage". (UPDATE: Jack reunites with Renee in Day 8: 6:00-8:00pm.)
I love you, Jack, but you only have 24 hours to save the world!Meanwhile it's definite: Jack's former love interest AUDREY RAINES will not return. She is – as far as we know – still lieing in a catatonic state where we left her at the end of Day 6!
Will I be back, ma'am? Well, I can't honestly say.I want ex-Secret Service agent AARON PIERCE back! Besides Jack, he's the only character to appear in all seven seasons of the show, and I like his integrity. No idea when this photo was taken, but hopefully Glenn Morshower was on-set to act, not a visitor! (UPDATE: this is ominous! I've just seen a video interview with Morshower in his hometown Oct.2009. At 1'45" in, when talking about making a movie, he says "Well, I'm done with 24 now, so..." Uh-oh!)
So? I've got ATTITUDE! What's YOUR problem?CHLOE faces a lot of trouble back in new-look CTU. She's been at home being a mother so has to play catch-up on new software...which is frustrating for her because she’s always the best at everything. The team doesn’t really trust her, but we'll see her pull it out and discover something that no one else knows...and in typical Chloe style, will shrug it off as if to say: “Well, if you were as intelligent as me, you'd have figured it out too!”That goatie's gotta go!
If you're hangin' out for TONY ALMEIDA, sorry but he's a no-go too!
In each season of 24, Episode 18 has always been THE major hour, with either a huge moment or a shocking twist leading into the final storyline. Ep.18/Season 3 had RYAN CHAPELLE being executed, Ep.18/Season 5 was PRESIDENT LOGAN being evil, Ep.18/Season 7 ended with TONY ALMEIDA smothering LARRY MOSS. And this season is no different: scouring lead actors' tweeters and blogs, there's a lot of talk (but naturally no details) about this season's Episode 18. They're all basically saying: "OMG!!!" Those previous moments will be hard to top – I can't wait!
See also my posts of 29 December 2009 (more photos/promos) and 23 November 2009 (more plot info). And remember: in 24, anything's possible!

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I dunno where u get all your details from but it's really great u're doing this for us! Cant wait to see the new season!