Sunday, September 27, 2009

Israel Stands Ready To Act!

Mohammar QaddafiThis week's UN grandstanding by Libya's Mohammar Qaddafi highlighted that, even on its home patch, the UN does not have the balls to stand up for itself. His supposed 15-min."speech" rambled on for 95 minutes – yet no-one had the guts to curtail it!
Mahmoud AhmadinejadOn the other hand, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad showed his extremely dangerous true colours, after revelations that his country was well into constructing a second nuclear-processing plant, underground and in secret: one capable of and designed to produce nuclear weapons. When the UK and USA spilled the beans, Ahmadinejad basically said, "So whatcha gonna do about it?!" And that's the scary thing. While most of the bigger powers tut-tut and say, "Er... well... you just can't, ok? Please? It's a naughty thing to do!", Israel is preparing to act. Decisively. World-alteringly.
For several years now, Israel's air force has trained for pre-emptive strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities...and has made its position quite clear: for Iran to have a nuclear weapons capability is completely unacceptable and, if the rest of the world won't do something about it, Israel will act alone.
Of course, if this does happen, Israel suddenly faces retaliatory military action from all sides, and will not survive. But what will Israel's destruction precipitate globally (apart from widespread Arab rejoicing)? Israeli jets, ready to roll!
As no-one wants another international conflict, it is up to all countries to somehow enlighten Iran's leaders of the hopelessness of their dogmatic stance. Iran can achieve so much more for its people and country by peaceful means, than by crafting a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
Israel seems quite prepared for the consequences of 'levelling the playing field'. Is the Western world ready to let things escalate to that point?
PS: 29 Sept.09 - A worrying article from the Jerusalem Post...
PS: 04 Oct.09 - Food for thought from the Aljazeera website...


Shavir said...

I am pray my country does not attack Iran. But also I pray for Iran to see sense. No country wants nuclear bombs unless they plan to use them or bully others with it.

Will McPherson, NJ said...

Iran is the hub of the islamic world, right? So it would be totally counterproductive for Israel to nuke them. That would just cause a global uprising of all the islamic extremists and they could not be stopped. It will have to be sanctions blockades and diplomacy.