Sunday, September 6, 2009

But What REALLY Happened...?

The collage is all my own work...the conspiracies are other people's!In this instant information age, Conspiracy Theorists abound.
There're two types: apparently intelligent people who are extremely passionate about what they see as massive cover-ups and frauds...and those fringe-dwelling nutters whose bible is 'X-Files' re-runs.
Here's the NZ Herald's selection of the best (worst?) conspiracy theories ever. The article contains links to just about every ConTheory you may want to indulge in: happy suspicions!
1. 9/11: US Govt.-orchestrated?
2. Moon landing: faked to show American superiority over USSR...that would be a helluva lot of hush-money!
3. Princess Diana murdered? the Royal Family, MI6, or the Saudis?
4. Area 51 and Roswell: crashed UFOs? Reverse engineering?
5. Alternative energy sources: discoveries hidden by oil cartels.
6. Who is controlling Earth? Freemasons? Lizard/human hybrids?
7. JFK's assassination: CIA? KGB? Organised crime? Hoover? Castro? Nixon? LBJ? Was Lee Harvey Oswald a patsy? Did he eat pastry?
8. Microsoft 'Wingdings' messages: hidden anti-Semitic messages.
9. Nazi alien affiliation: Nazi colony on the moon (dark side, of course!).
10. Facebook and CIA: yeup, secretive US govt.agencies really do want to know that Tammy is your bestest buddy ever!

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