Monday, November 2, 2015

Bloody Tourists!

Everyone wants to head home with the perfect collection of holiday pix but, more often than not these days, that's impossible.
There are just sooooo many others, trying to snap the very same things as you! Dammit! How dare they?!
Places such as the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tour get millions of visitors every year, making them some of the busiest spots on this planet.
So, unless you wanna wake up at 3am, the likelihood is that any photo taken at a famous spot will also have a large number of tourists milling around in it.
But happy-joy, this pain-in-the-pixels could soon be a thing of the past. Adobe has invented a new piece of software that removes moving items from a picture. True!
'Monument Mode' is new software that uses an algorithm to distinguish moving objects from fixed ones.
To make it work, a camera in 'Monument Mode' is pointed at a landmark, even in a busy street, for a short period of time to record several seconds of footage from a fixed point.
The technology then analyses the live camera feed and removes the moving objects, giving a clean shot of just the subject and the monument. This enables the average person to remove pesky cars and tourists from their images in a similar way to professional photographers, who've been able to do this using Photoshop for years.
This wonderful toy is not for sale yet, but is not too far away.
At last: proof that there IS a God...and he's a photographer!

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