Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kunlun Kan't Run Now

Two months after a pirate captain escaped the grasp of the NZ Navy, because of limp-dick bureaucrats, his luck's finally run out!
The Interpol-wanted, internationally-blacklisted poaching vessel Kunlun has been detained in Thailand on fisheries-related violations.
Back in Jan.2015, the vessel was caught illegally fishing in the Southern Ocean, but kiwi politicos wouldn't allow our navy to perform its righteous role and so Kunlun happily ran away. Then in Feb., it was intercepted by Sea Shepherd's Sam Simon in possession of banned fishing equipment in Australian waters.
Kunlun cuts across Sam Simon, Sthrn.Ocean, Feb.2015
Kunlun is one of six vessels known to still engage in Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated (IUU) fishing for Sthrn.Ocean toothfish. It has a long history of suspected fishing violations and is believed to have links to known Spanish crime sydnicate Vidal Armadores. Since 2008, the vessel has changed names at least ten times in order to avoid prosecution.
Kunlun is one of three IUU fishing vessels that've been intercepted by SS since the commencement of Operation Icefish in Dec.2014.
Another pirate ship, Nigerian-flagged Thunder, was also encountered by SS in Antarctica. SS ship Bob Barker has maintained a continuous pursuit of Thunder, which has led it to the coast of Namibia.
Operation Icefish is SS's first Southern Ocean Defence Campaign to target IUU fishing operators in the waters of Antarctica.


Anonymous said...

Nail the bastards to the mast!

Anonymous said...

If these are truly 'pirates', like those Somalians, why couldn't the NZ navy just sink them?