Monday, February 16, 2015

Bad Parking (2): Mike McLeod of Kaiapoi

There's a certain street in Kaiapoi that's afflicted by zombies!
Virtually every time the local Woodford Glen Speedway has a big stockcar race meet, there'll be half a dozen or so stockcars on wide trailers jamming Whitefield St.
Dunno why these particular vehicles are attracted to this suburban spot: perhaps it's Kaiapoi's version of Boganville!
But you'll see zombie-like scruffs, scratching their stomachs, dirty dungarees dangling below their derrieres, swigging beer on the street while gazing belovedly into their stockies' engine bays...then it's off to Woodford Glen to slam steel into steel, before lurching back to this particular zombie zone, to sink piss and park their vehicle trailers any-damn-where they like!
This trailer, clearly along a footpath, carries the No.46C stockie which (after a quick bit of Googling) appears to be owned by one Mike McLeod...methinx some driver education for you, m'lad!
Oh, and by the way Mike, if you are NOT the current owner of 46C,
I'll happily remove your name from the 'Wall Of Shame' soon as you supply the name of the DICKHEAD DRIVER who IS!!!

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