Monday, September 1, 2014

One Law for ALL, Bro!

Bright-lookin' kid, eh bro!
So The Crown WILL appeal the maori king's son avoiding drink-driving and theft charges.
There was social uproar when 19yr.old Korotangi Paki dodged two counts of burglary, one of theft and one of drink-driving last month. His lawyer successfully argued that a conviction could bar Paki from ascending the maori throne. Potential successors needed an unblemished record because of the custodial responsibilities involved as king. The discharge was widely criticised, with cries of racial favouritism and political intervention being levelled at the judge.
Paki was stopped in Gisborne last October with a breath test reading of 761: the current limit for drivers under 20 is zero. He got off. Paki's three co-accused in a March theft and burglary were each fined $400 and discharged without conviction. He got off this too.
The Crown Law Office has laid the appeal after "a very thorough review" by senior counsel, and the hearing's set for 17 November.
Quite frankly, if wanna-be maori kings need a squeaky-clean record, then it is up to THEM to behave in a law-abiding honest upright manner, as befitting a future leader. There is NO REASON for ANYONE from WHATEVER walk of life to think they can get away with lawbreaking because of race, colour or creed.
Let unbiased justice prevail.

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