Monday, August 4, 2014

Japan Continues Whaling

The Japanese whaling fleet returned home last week after a successful Pacific whaling season.
Research fellows...
Yes, it's STILL killing whales: indeed, this was it's second campaign since it was ordered to halt a separate slaughter in the Southern Ocean, by the ICJ (International Court of Justice) last March. The ICJ ruled that Japan's annual Antarctic expedition was a commercial activity masquerading as research.
115 whales (90 Sei and 25 Bryde's) were killed during the 2½ month campaign. This is on top of the 30 Minke whales killed in June, as part of a coastal whaling hunt - taking this year's tally to 145.
The nasty Nippons called off the 2014-15 season for it's Antarctic hunt, and said it would redesign the controversial whaling mission in a bid to make it "more scientific", while filing for a permanent injunction against Sea Shepherd, it's long-time nemesis.
Just WHAT will constitute "more scientific" is anyone's guess, given the virtually ZERO level of peer-reviewed research produced by the Japanese in the preceding decades of slaughter. Perhaps triple-counting the number of cartons of whale meat per kill may convince Japanese scientists that they're conducting real research. That's about the level of "science" in this whole self-deluding farce!

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