Monday, November 1, 2010

Making Bullfighting Look Like Child’s Play

If you thought bullfighting was cruel, you’re about to learn there're even worse ways to kill an innocent animal in the name of primitive entertainment.
Annually on the second weekend of November, an horrific show takes place in the streets of Medinaceli, a picturesque town in Spain, NE of Madrid.
After dark, bulls are brought into the town square, surrounded and restrained by the "bravest" of participants. Big balls of pitch are attached to the bull’s horns, set alight and the animal is let loose to run in terror through the town.
This savage bull run is known as Toro Jubilo, and the bull is called Toro de Fuego, translated as “Bull Of Fire”. As the pitch burns like a bonfire on the horns, it scorches the bull's eyes and face, causing unspeakable pain. Disoriented and in agony, the bull often runs into walls and hurts itself even more, while the crowd runs around it cheering.
After hours of immense pain, and eventually being blinded by the flames, the bull dies in agony. The animal’s carcass is then cut up and split among the participants. Toro Jubilo is viewed simply as entertainment by the people of Medinaceli, but this kind of animal cruelty can't possibly qualify as such! No sane rational thinker can support this cruel event.
With bullfighting under increasing pressure in Spain to cease, it's hoped that this festival too may one day be just a ghastly memory. Although the following news video is in Spanish, the images nonetheless convey the barbarism of this tradition.

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Sylvia,Ohio said...

OMG! This is incredible and horrible. What is WRONG with these people!!!!! This has got to stop!!