Monday, August 9, 2010

"The Milkybars Are On Me!"

Eeet's da Meelky Bar Keeed!The search is on for the next Milkybar Kid! Nestlé wants a vibrant, engaging child with star quality, aged 7-10, to wear the badge and say that famous catch phrase in a new TV ad.
The Milkybar Kid's always been portrayed as a blond, spectacle-wearing young boy, dressed as a cowboy in the Wild West. The ads' original jingle (I reckon the chirpiest jingle to ever hit tv!) extolled "the goodness that's in Milkybar" - more recently, the jingle was changed to "the good taste that's in Milkybar". And the pronunciation of the company's name was also corrected from "nessulz" to the Swiss "ness-lay" (Nestlé).
The iconic kid first appeared in 1961, and has been played by ten actors since - rescuing his mates from various situations, often by lassoing a bad guy. The MB Kid would then shout "The Milkybars are on me!" providing the cue for one big, almighty cheer as he hands out the white chocolate bars.
The TVC below is from 1991: it's actually the original clip, but with the new pronunciation and the 30th Anniversary title in colour at the end. Enjoy the nostalgia!
And let the PC Brigade note: the kid has always had blonde hair to match the Milkybar - no other reason, ok?

PS: 19 Nov.2010 - It's all decided...the Milkybars are on HER! Yeup, HERRead on...

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