Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting Real...

Abby Valdes, just an average Aussie sheila!The word from Aussie fashion industry experts is that 2010 will be the Year of the Plus-Size Model. Australia's leading plus-size modelling agencies expect demand for larger models to surge in the next 12 months with more consumers demanding "real women" in the media.
Director of Sydney's BGM Models, Darrianne Donnelly, says US magazine V's decision to devote its January 2010 issue to plus-size women shows how attitudes have changed. Bella Model Management director Chelsea Bonner agrees, saying plus-size models are now earning big money, especially overseas. "Our top model Abby Valdes is stunning and is a size 14-16...she earns well in excess of $300,000 a year and gets to travel all over the world doing it."
With the average aussie sheila a size 16, Australia's top fashion magazines such as Madison, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan now regularly book plus-size models. Ms Bonner: "The latest issue of Australia's Woman's Weekly has 15 pages featuring our models....that is incredible. We only ever used to get a token one or two pages." There had also been an upswing recently in the number of women wanting to become plus-size models.
You GO, girl!


Leigh Ann Otte said...

Interesting. The year of the plus-size model, eh? I wonder if that'll spill over to America, where I am. Thanks for the update.

Philbee, said...

Hi, Leigh:
Fingers crossed!
There're more and more on-line clothing sites for voluptuous femmes, so that's good news, and hopefully that'll spread into main street stores etc.
Did you check out the link to 'V' Magazine's photo shoot? Quite stunning...